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First EIE SA became a leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of photoplotting and ink-jet printing equipment for the PCB and HDI substrates industries. This position has taken years to build and has led to a worldwide installed base of over 500 equipments. Through First EIE SA's global network customers can count on proactive local support and service. First EIE SA is determined to maintain its position as market leader by combining ultimate performance, competitive pricing and ongoing research and development. Swiss Quality products small foot print and rugged plotters for 24x7 operations
RP300+ST series
RP300+ST series
The bestseller - More than 200 units running worldwide .Able to handle large film size up to 36" x 26" (914 x 660 mm), with an automatic dual size integrated autoloader, and to plot with an unrivalled quality, the RP300+ST series has become a reference plotter for the Industry
RP800+ST series
RP800+ST series

Unique Design for largest Exposure area. Especially designed to address the very large exposure demand. Able to handle film size up to 56" x 34" (1422 x 864 mm) with 9 compatible film lengths.

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