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Additive Manufacturing... from NANO to MACRO™
Optomec is a fast growing supplier of advanced manufacturing equipment for the Electronics, Photovoltaics, Display and Defense industries. Our patented solutions use clean technologies to fabricate and repair next generation end-products at lower cost and with improved functionality.
Optomec Inc   Optomec Inc
Aerospace & Defense Fabrication and Repair
Aerospace & Defense Fabrication and Repair

Aerospace & Defense Fabrication and Repair

Optomec's LENS systems deliver a unique laser-based manufacturing solution that cost effectively produces and repairs high value metal components, such as the titanium fan blades used in gas turbine engines.
Solar Cell Manufacturing
Solar Cell Manufacturing
Solar Cell Manufacturing
Aerosol Jet deposition systems enables the production of higher efficiency solar cells than is possible through traditional screen-printing techniques.
Medical Device Manufacturing
LENS solutions can be used to rapidly produce customized surgical instruments and wear-resistant implants
Printable Electronics
Optomec's Aerosol Jet systems offer a maskless, low-temperature nanomaterial deposition solution to produce fine-feature circuitry, embedded passives, and miniaturized microelectronics components.
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