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MicroFab develops and commercializes high-payoff applications for microdispensing and precision printing using ink-jet technology. The capabilities of ink-jet microdispensing are applicable to a wide range of industries and applications. Examples include microdispensing of liquid solder; adhesives; optical and electrical polymers; and biomedical materials, including diagnostic reagents, proteins, and DNA. The speed, precision, and digital nature of ink-jet printing technology makes it well suited for automated control in the manufacturing plant or research laboratory.
MicroFab Technologies, Inc.
In response to our customers’ requests for a low-cost tool to allow preliminary microdispensing investigations, MicroFab is pleased to announce the introduction of jetlab® 4. The newest member of our highly successful jetlab® family, leans heavily on the successes of the prior generations. By carefully considering the performance and budget requirements of laboratories exploring ink-jet as a solution to their deposition challenges, jetlab® 4 provides a cost effective work station for research purposes.
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