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Laser Photoplotting
Laser Photoplotting / Imaging Film
Step and repeats From negatives
NC Drill data Generated or edited
NC Rout data Generated or edited
Board test data For flying probe and bed of nails
Gerber / CAD editing software ManiaBarco Universal CAM (UCAM)
CAD translations Various formats
CAD translators Artwork Conversion Software
Post Processing Various CAD systems
PCB Tooling Full film and data tooling
Photographic Film FujiFilm
Silver Writer
SilverWriter Eagle: 24 beams ultra-high resolution up to 40000 dpi
Input Media
E-mail Transfer info@etsind.com
FTP Transfer
Photographic Films 
Prints / Diagrams Please contact for more details.
Input Data Formats
Gerber RS274-D, RS274-X, CADIF In all formats
Excellon Img In all formats
Barco DPF, MDA, EIE, NEC All versions up to ver.13
Optrotech, Scitex, Tiff No blocks with scale
Autocad DWG All plotter drivers, up to 8 pens
DXF data Various systems
HPGL Excellon, S&M, Wessel, Posalux
PCB CAD data Trudrill, Hitachi
NC data (Drill, Rout) Level 1, printed to file
Postscript Various formats (PCX, BMP, Tiff etc)
Graphics Various formats - contact for more details.
Output Media
Polyester Photographic films ( Fujifilm) 0.007” thick sheets, Various sizes
Please contact for more details
CAD/NC data in various formats  
Film Processing
Max Film Size Width 32”, Length 28"
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