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KLG is a leading global provider of drilling, X-ray drilling and routing machines for the PCB industry worldwide. The range of products includes manual and automatic drilling and routing machine's as well as  X-ray drilling machines.
KLG Speedstar
KLG Speedstar
Fully automated drilling and routing machines KLG Speedstar 1
In all axis linear driven precision drilling machine
Control type: S&M CNC 48.00 or CNC 84.00
X-Y-axis speed: up to 100 m/min; acceleration: 2G
Z-axis speed: 25 m/ min; acceleration: up to 4G
InterPlater HDX is the new high-end generation of the highly recognized Glunz & Jensen InterPlater HD processor.
Antares 700X
Antares 700X
X-Ray drilling and inspection Machine Antares 700X

InterPlater HDX meets the specific requirements of modern CtP plates and plate setters from all the major plate manufacturers to support both high-end newspaper and high-end commercial applications.

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