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Discharge Testing for Continuity
30% higher test speed up to 2000 test-points /minute Photoplotting
New Spring Loaded Probes
Zero marking-even on soft gold finishes
Automatic Clamping/Stretching Frame
Faster load/unload = higher throughput
Accurate testing for flexible circuits and thin cor
500V testing now standard feature TFI TM now standard feature Upgrade from Pegasus
Maximum test area 26,4" ´ 19,7
Isolation threshold : 5-300 Ohm
Continuity threshold : 1-268 Ohm
Test Voltage : 25-250 V
Test Current : 30-200 mA
Isolation test : Discharge/Resistence
Continuity test : Discharge/Resistence
Dual camera as well as elctronic alignment
Min Pad size 4 mil
Pitch 8 mil
Test speed 23 test-points/second
Test Floor Integration (TFI TM)
Test boards on Mania grid-tester e.g. low-cost Micro 100 or 200
Print out error list and barcode ticket
Read barcode into speedy 580
Net error displayed automatically
Load panel and test faulty nets only
Verify errors without delaying grid-testing
Check that repairs OK and no new errors introduced
UCAM-based SmartProbe Data Prep Seat
Standard ManiaBarco Software (more than 1500 UCAM seats installed world-wide
Latest test data preparation algorithms
Push-button netlist and test-point generation from clean CAM data (Gerber, DPF)
Editing functions to resolve data issues
Access to ManiaBarco FaultStation 2 for off-line fault location
Easy to install, learn and suppor
Testfield Size
(smaller field sizes available upon request
325 x 244mm / 12.8” x 9.6” Board Dimensions (length x width)
Minimum board size 50 x 50mm / 1.97” x 1.97
Maximum board size 365 x 284mm / 14.4” x 11
Minimum board thickness 0.1mm / 0.0039
Maximum board thickness 8mm / 0.315
(1mil = 1/1000 inch = 0.025mm) one side / both sides
In 100mil (100 testpoints /inch_) 12288 / 24576
In 70mil (200 testpoints /inch_) 24576 / 49152
In 50mil (400 testpoints /inch_) 49152 / 98304
Test Parameters
Test Voltage 40 - 250VDC
Continuity Threshold 10_ - 10k_
Isolation Threshold 100k_ - 100M_
Embedded Resistor Measurement (Resistor Values to be defined in ADAM II)
Range 1 - 10k_
Accuracy <100_ : <2_
100_ - 10k_ : <2%
Optionally (with 4-wire measurement): <100_: <0.5_ (only with special 70mil electronics)
Throughput ("Good Boards" per hour) up to 300
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