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ETS India was established almost 19 years ago and now it is India’s leading Equipment supplier for Semiconductor, Solar Cell, PCB and Services provide for PCB and PCB Assembly Industries.

Products offered by ETS India:
  Heidelberg Instruments Direct Write Laser Lithography
  Optomec Aerosol Jet for printed electronics and LENS for Laser based metal depositions
  MOT GmbH, Electroplatting and Wet Process Equipment for Semicon and Solar Cell Industry
  Ultech LPCVD, RIE, Ebeam Evaporators
  Microfab for Inkjet systems for R&D
  KLG for High Accuracy CNC Drilling, Routing and X-ray Drilling
  First EIE Laser Photoplotter and Inkjet printing Systems
  Clean Systems Korea for Gas Scrubbers and Gas Cabinets
  Glunz & Jensen for automatic film developers
  UHT Corporation for LTCC Punch and Target Hole drilling machine
  Mason Universal test systems, Single, Double and Quad density grids.
  Fujifilm Corporation for PCB Materials and Emulsion plates
Services offered by ETS India:
  Laser Photoplotting Service with 40000dpi resolutions plotting
  PCB Artwork Scanning Services
  CAM Engineering Services
  Advanced Bare Board Test Service using 3 electrical test systems; universal and flying probe
  Fault location and repair using the latest fault location software and track welding equipment
  Fixture design/drill service for almost any test machine.
  Netlist extraction service to support all major netlist types
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